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From healthy recipes and affordable meals, to safety and preservation – WVU Extension Service offers trusted research and information to help keep families healthy and safe.

Food Business Workshop

Learn to start a food business or get help with an existing business. Classes are offered by business and food safety experts from throughout the state.

Learn everything from developing a business plan and applying for loans to determining prices, needed certificates, inspections of food businesses, labeling requirements, responding to emergencies, marketing, and by-product utilization.

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Food Facts eggs

Learn facts about food including cuts of meat, nutrition, food labeling, and healthy eating. Also, find healthy recipes for all occasions. Find more food facts

Food Preservation

canned Preserving food has long been an important process for storing excess fresh food or for making sure that fruits and vegetable are available for consumption in both the summer and winter months. Learn to can, dry, freeze, and ferment.

Food Safety

From power outages to potluck dinners, so many factor can influence the quality, taste and safety of the meals you eat. Do you know how to properly prepare and store food? Learn how to keep food safe

Healthy Eating

goal_art_4 Healthy eating is an important addition to a healthy lifestyle. Learn more about fad diets, the importance of breakfast, National Nutrition Month, Probiotics, and the nutrition of nuts. Learn how to eat healthier


burger Healthy eating is important to living a healthy lifestyle. It can sometimes be difficult to find recipes that taste good and are also healthy. View recipes