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Food Facts

Learn facts about food including cuts of meat, nutrition, food labeling, and healthy eating. Also, find healthy recipes for all occasions.

Cuts of Beef

Learn the different cuts of beef and what leads to tenderness. Find preparation tips, grades of beef, and organic and grass fed beef cuts.

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Nutrition Facts Labels

Learn about nutrition facts labels and the information that contain. Learn to make more informed choices about the foods that you eat.

Understanding Food Labels

Learn to read and understand the nutrition facts panel. Find out how to evaluate serving size, calories, % daily value, nutrients, and other claims. Learn more about understanding food labels

Nutrients on the Nutrition Facts Panel

Learn about the nutrients that are presented on the nutrition facts labels of foods. Incorporate nutrients as a part of a healthy diet, and find recommendations for nutrients including fat, cholesterol, sodium, fiber, and calcium.

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West Virginia Food Favorites

Explore wild, wonderful, and traditional West Virginian foods or find healthy alternatives to some traditional dishes. Find West Virginia food favorites