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Food Safety

Learn tips and best practices for ensuring healthy and safe meals.


Outdoor grilling for friends and family can be a great summer activity if the proper safety measures are taken. Because of the dangers of harmful bacteria, proper cooking and preparation techniques must be observed. Learn to barbecue safely.

Beware the Buffet

Learn to prepare and store foods at safe temperatures, particularly for those pot luck or buffet dinners. Learn more buffet safety tips

Egg Safety Tips

Learn egg safety tips that are necessary for working with eggs in any capacity. Information is provided on how long eggs are safe to store and eat, safety when coloring eggs, egg recipes, and more. Learn more about egg safety

Food Safety During Emergencies

Knowing when food is safe or should be discarded after an emergency such as a power outage, flood, or fire is important.

Power outages

Power outages from winter weather can lead to dangerous food situations in your fridge or freezer. Check out WVU Extension Service's tips and instructions to keep your food safe

Removing Odors from Refrigerators and Freezers

When your fridge and freezer have been without power for days cleanup won’t likely be as easy as using soap and water,&rdquo. Instead, follow these guidelines from the USDA to safely remove odors from refrigerators and freezers

Weather Emergencies and Food Safety FAQs

Floods, power outages, winter storms and fires can lead to harmful food conditions. Check out these FAQs from the USDA and the WVU Extension Service.

Food Storage

Safely Store Your Food (PDF) provides tips and pointers to help you make good decisions about how to properly store food, what to keep, and what to throw out. Bonus: Includes handy storage time chart arranged by food type.

Let’s Talk Turkey

Holidays are a time for food and festivities. But, without proper preparation and safe serving, you might leave your guests with more than just memories. More than 76 million cases of foodborne diseases occur in the United States each year, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. Follow these simple and easy tips for safely preparing your holiday meal...

Packing a Cooler

There are a few things to remember before packing a cooler for your car, boat or camper. The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service have provided a list of resources to consider when packing a cooler.

Summer Foods

As temperatures rise, so can the risk of illness from improperly stored or cooked foods. Let WVU Extension Service, the USDA, and other government agencies guide you to a healthful and happy summer meal.

Tips for Travelers

Do you have plans to jet set to a foreign country this summer? Before traveling, it is important to brush up on the health risks associated with your desired destination. See travel tips

West Virginia Fairs and Festivals Food Safety Recommendations

West Virginia hosts many fairs and festivals during the year, particularly during the summer months. These recommendations are provided for home arts or food exhibit coordinators. These guidelines should also be useful for those planning to preserve foods, whether they plan to exhibit them or not.